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Deluxe Free Cell Solitaire Help


Game Options

Show Scores... - Displays the high score list.

Clear Scores - Clears the high score list.

Auto Play - Scoring moves will be made automatically.

Flash Valid Plays - All valid plays will "blink" after each turn.

Valid Play Indicator - The valid play icon will appear in the toolbar. A green check indicates that there is a valid play is available. A red X means that there are no legal moves available.

Confirm New Game - A dialog box will appear asking if you are sure you want to start a new game.

Confirm End - A dialog box will appear asking if you are sure you want to end the game.

Sound - Toggles sound on and off.

Appearance... - Allows you to change the background and highlight color.

Show Stats... - Show the game statistics.

Clear Stats - Clears the game statistics.

Game Rules


The deck is dealt into 4 piles of 7 cards each and 4 piles of 6 cards each. There are 4 empty Free Cells available at the start of the game.


Build down in alternating colors. The top card of any tableau pile is available to be built on another tableau pile, on the foundation, or on a free cell. Empty spaces in the tableau can be filled with any available card. Free Cells may hold only one card at a time.

A column of alternating colored cards can be moved only if there are enough free cells to hold all of the cards below the card at the top of the column.


Build up in suit from aces to kings.


The score starts at 0. One point is awarded for each card moved to the foundation. The best possible score is 52.

Hints and Tips

Press the OPTION key to highlight all valid plays.

Press any number or J, Q, K, A to highlight all cards of that value.

Press H, C, S, D to highlight all cards of that suit.

Press the CONTROL key to temporarily activate auto play.

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