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Mahjong Palace Help



How to Play

The object in Mahjong Palace is to clear all the tiles on the board by matching pairs of free tiles. In order for a tile to be free there must be an empty space to the left or right and there can be no tiles above it. Pairs must be identical, with the exception of the flower and season tiles. Any flower tile can match any other flower tile and any season tile can match any other season tile.

Game Menus

File Menu

• New Game - Starts a new game using the selected tile layout.

• Replay Game - Restarts a new game with the same layout and tile arrangement as the previous game.

Undo Menu

• Undo - Undoes the previous match.

Options Menu

• Reshuffle Tiles - Rearranges the remaining tiles in the layout. This is useful if you reach a dead end, but you want to continue playing the layout.

• Show Rankings and Stats... - Shows the player rankings and statistics for the current layout. Each layout maintains its own rankings and statistics.

• Clear Rankings and Stats - Erases the player rankings and statistics for the current layout.

• Tile Set - Allows you to choose the tile appearance.

• Background... - Allows you to choose the background image.

• Board Size - Allows you to chose either a small or large board.

• Sound - Toggles the sound effects on and off.

• Darken Lower Levels - Adds a shading effect to lower levels.

• Dead End Indicator - Shows an optional dead end icon in the toolbar when there are no more valid matches.

• Highlight - Includes options to highlight all free tiles or only free tiles that can be matched to another free tile.

Play Mode Keyboard Shortcuts:

• TAB - Rotates the tile orientation.

• OPTION - Highlights all free tiles.

• CONTROL - Highlights all free tiles that have free matches.

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