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Mine Zone Help


Game Options

Show Rankings... - Displays the rankings and statistics. Each layout maintains separate rankings and statistics.

Layout - Allows you to choose the tile layout.

Sound - Toggles sound on and off.

Appearance - Allows you to set the tile color and background image.

Mine Saturation - Allows you to set the percentage of available spaces that will contain mines.

How to Play

The object in Mine Zone is to uncover every tile that doesn't contain a mine. Clicking on a tile that doesn't contain a mine will reveal a number that indicates how many adjacent tiles contain a mine. If there are no adjacent mines then the tile will disappear, along with each surrounding tile that also doesn't have any adjacent mines.

If you click on a mine then the game is lost and all of the remaining tiles will be uncovered.

Suspected mines can be flagged by clicking on them while holding down the CONTROL, OPTION, or COMMAND key. A flag can be removed by clicking on the tile again.

Shortcut: Clicking on a numbered tile that has all of the adjacent mines correctly flagged will quickly uncover all of the remaining adjacent tiles. However, if any of the flags are incorrectly placed, then a mine will be set off.

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