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Download Tutorial

When you download a game from this website you are essentially copying it from my web server to your Mac. This process can take from several seconds to minutes depending on the speed of your Internet connection. If you have a very slow Internet connection or if you would prefer not to download the games, then you might want to consider the CD-ROM shipping option shown at the bottom of my order page.

The examples in this tutorial show Mac OS X using the Safari web browser. However, the process is basically the same regardless of the OS version or web browser.

Open the download page and click on the download button for the version of the Mac OS that you are using.


Download Buttons Example:


Mac OS 8/9 players should click on the "For Mac OS 8/9" button while Mac OS X players should click on the "For Mac OS X" button. Clicking the download button will start the transfer from my web server to your Mac. You can view the progress of the download in your browser's download window. In Safari, you can view this window by selecting "Downloads" from the Window menu.


Safari Download Window:


Some versions of Mac OS X will display an alert window when the download is complete. If you see this window then just press the "Continue" button.


Safari Application Alert:


How do I find the game once it has been downloaded? The destination folder for your downloaded files is set in your web browser's preferences. In Safari, select "Preferences..." from the Safari menu. This will open the preferences window. Click on "General" and look at the popup menu next to the text "Save downloaded files to". This is the location of your download folder. This setting might appear a little different in other web browsers, but most work in a similar way.

Most browsers also allow you to view or open downloaded files by clicking in the Downloads window. In Safari, once the download is complete you can view the file by clicking on the small magnifying glass in the downloads window.

The Mac OS X versions of my games are saved in a format called disk images. These files end in the letters "dmg". Once the download is complete, a new window should appear on your desktop. This window will show the icon for the game that you downloaded. At this point, you are viewing the copy on the disk image. You should copy this version to your hard drive to complete the installation. To copy the file, drag the game icon to the desired location on your hard drive. You can then play the copy on your hard drive by double-clicking on the game icon.

The Mac OS 8/9 versions of my games are compressed Stuffit files. These files end in the letters "sit". This format makes downloading much faster. Many Macs are configured to unstuff downloads automatically. Look in your downloads folder for the game.

If your Mac isn't configured to decompress files automatically, then you will have to use Stuffit to unstuff the downloaded file manually. Files can be unstuffed by dragging the downloaded game icon on to the Stuffit Expander icon. Your Mac should already have a copy of Stuffit Expander on the hard drive. However, if it doesn't, then you can download a free copy from The free version, which is all you need to decompress files, is called "Stuffit Expander".

Even if you are new to downloading, feel free to give it a try on my website. Downloading from my website doesn't cost anything.

Please contact me if you have any questions or problems downloading my games.


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